Painting 34027 Taw Valley PURPLE on the Severn Valley Railway

Painting 34027 Taw Valley PURPLE on the Severn Valley Railway | The Queen's Platinum Jubilee prep

June 2nd 2022 Update

On June 2nd 2022, it was a privilege to attend the renaming ceremony of the steam engine Taw Valley at Kidderminster Railway Station on the Severn Valley Railway. T &R Williamsons was responsible for developing and providing the remarkable paint colour which the loco was repainted into, and after a ballot in the local area a new name was decided upon. ‘Elizabeth ll’. Her owners were delighted with the result, as were the railway especially with the numbers of visitors they had that weekend. Elizabeth ll or Taw Valley will return to her original colour sometime in the autumn.

Since its announcement in January, the repaint of 34027 Taw Valley has been the talk of the whole world. Safe to say, it’s made a huge splash and divided global opinions. Being painted in T&R Williamson’s Spec 81 paint, Purple SP01353, matching the official colour of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the loco will look AMAZING. The undercoat used for this project was T&R Williamson’s spec 81 Undercoat Madder.

In this video, we head behind-the-scenes into the paint shop to get the first glimpse of the loco in purple and speak to people behind-the-scenes, including those working on the engine, to get their thoughts on the repaint.

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