Modern Rail Paints

The railway industry has always played an important role in T & R Williamson’s past and indeed we still manufacture many of the traditional oil based primers and finishes used on Britain’s rolling stock today. Our diverse product range has been developed and approved in conjunction with the British Rail Surface Coatings Division for the protection of all rail vehicles, buildings and ancillary equipment. An extensive colour reference library, built up over many decades, spanning back to the origins of the railways, contains over 10,000 colours, many of which are specialist rail fleet colours. Advancements in technology have led to the development of more durable coatings and a new range of water based and compliant solutions have been developed to both compliment the current ranges and conform to Rail Performance Specifications. This includes a comprehensive list of primer undercoats and finishes for new and refurbished vehicles and rolling stock. The continued development of anti corrosive paints gives additional protection to areas of the rail vehicles which are subject to corrosion problems such as the chassis under frame and wheel sets.