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This website is owned and operated by T&R Williamson who are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments or if you need to contact us, please email us using the link on the store page or use the details below, you can also contact us on Facebook.

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T & R Williamson, The Paintworks, 36 Stonebridgegate, Ripon, North Yorkshire HG4 1TP

Email: sales@trwilliamson.co.uk

VAT Number GB276906618 – Registered No. 109575


We accept major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express,Solo and Visa Debit, Bank transfer via BACS. Goods must be paid for before dispatch. Your order will be automatically acknowledged upon receipt. All prices quoted exclude VAT and carriage.


Providing the items are in stock at the time we receive your valued order the goods will be dispatched within 2-3 working days. All delivery dates are given in good faith by the seller to indicate estimated delivery times but shall not amount to any contractual obligation to deliver at the time stated. Every effort will be made to adhere to, or implement promises of delivery but such promises are always made by the seller subject to the intervention of circumstances beyond their control they do not accept any liability for losses due to non-delivery or delay. They cannot undertake to secure delivery by any given date or at any given place by means of transport not under their own control.


Delivery charges vary depending on weight of items and for the Channel Islands, Offshore islands, Highlands, Scottish Islands and certain areas of the UK may vary according to the size and weight of the parcel. Special delivery charges will be quoted on request from our customers, please email our office on sales@trwilliamson.co.uk for any delivery prices.


We will not send unsolicited email to anyone who buys from our store. We do not and will not disclose your email address or any other personal details to any other third party. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy then please email sales@trwilliamson.co.uk.  All your information is held securely at T&R Williamson on secure servers. All information is collected lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


This sale is subject to force majeure conditions and deliveries may be suspended during the existence of any contingencies beyond the control of the sellers or the buyer such as strikes, lock-outs, fire, flood, accident or explosion, war, stoppage of transport or supplies or raw material and fuel, breakdown in machinery, or any other conditions preventing manufacture or delivery of the goods sold, and no liability for loss or damage due to non-delivery or delay shall lie upon the seller or their agents. Any deliveries so suspended shall be resumed, unless otherwise mutually agreed, as soon as the restricting conditions have been lifted and the contract will proceed at the same rate and manner of delivery.

2. Each delivery is to stand as a separate contract. The seller are not bound to tender deliveries. Any quantity not taken be the prescribed time may be invoiced to be paid for or cancelled at the sellers option, without prejudice to any other claim the seller may have.



Every effort will be made to adhere to, or implement promises of delivery but such promises are always made by the seller subject to the intervention of circumstances beyond their control they do not accept any liability for losses due to non-delivery or delay. They cannot undertake to secure delivery by any given place by means of transport not under their own control.


The sellers endeavour to secure the efficient quality of branded goods manufactured by them using material of tested and reliable quality proved methods and formulae and by the employment of skilled workmen and careful supervision throughout all processes of manufacture and despatch and by constant research among material processed. So long as their instructions are carried out, then reasonable intelligence and conditions prevail in application and in the abscence of other arrangements in writing, they gladly replace any of their branded goods found defective in use within one month of the date of supply, but it must be understood that any such action is one of grace and without prejudice and they decline to entertain in any way whatever any responsibility or claim for any loss, damage or expenses, consequential or otherwise, in connection with the use of their materials. In no case do they accept goods for credit that are returned to them without previous consent definite arrangements and to avoid misunderstanding they do not accept for return goods that have been incorrectly mixed or partly used. Orders for special material are only cancelled on the understanding that the material, labour and charges extended or incurred up to the time of cancellation are met by the buyer and that any deviation from the original specification, finish or colours agreed upon are to be charged and paid for as extras.


a) Special orders. The company gives no warranty as to the fitness for their purpose or merchantability of any goods made in accordance with the buyers design or specification or where some element of non-standard specification is intriduced at the request of the buyer and all conditions and warranties whatsoever, whether express or implied by the statute common law or usage or otherwise are hereby excluded save those which may be implied by virtue of section 12 sale of goods act 1893.

b)Subject to sub-clause (A) hereof, all conditions and warranties whether express or implied by statute common law or useage or otherwise are hereby excluded save those which may be implied by virtue of section 12 sale of goods act 1893.

c)The company shall not be liable for any loss, claim or damage arising directly or indirectly be reason of any defect in the goods, whether such defects be latent or apparent and howsoever or by whomsoever such loss, claim or damage shall be caused or sustained.

d)Where the goods supplied are not of the company own manufacture, the company shall not be liable for any defects, whether such defects renders the goods unmerchantable or unfit for thier purpose, save the company may assign to the buyer (as the cost to the buyer) the remedies, if any, which the company may have against its own supplier.


Returnable packages are credited according to their condition on being handed to the sellers vehicles or on being received by the seller in a damaged conditions the onus on recovering loss or damage to them is laid upon the buyer whom the charges for carriage are due and the sellers cannot be referred to railway companies or other carriers to recover such loss although they assist as far as possible in securing payment from the carriers.


To avoid misunderstanding the seller draw special attention to the term of payment and to point out that each delivery against a contract is deemed to be a separate contract and that they claim the option without notice of cancelling contracts in which the terms of payment are not reasonably adhered to and of declining  to deliver further  goods without prior payment for firms or person whose accounts are in arrear or whose financial condition does not warrant further credit; in all cases without liability for any loss which may be caused thereby. Invoices and accounts are tendered on the understanding that errors and overcharges are exempt and that no  deductions will be claimed or allowed after seven days from receipt of goods, when delivered by railway or other carriers and in all cases that the absence of proper precautions by the buyer to examine and weigh or measure all goods in due time shall not absolve him from payment for the full quantities despatched and invoiced. Payments of accounts should not be made to any person without production of authority in writing from the company secretary as only official receipts will be issued and recognised by us should any invoices become overdue for payment they will be passed to our solicitors Thomas Higgins for collection.


Any charge for the hire of plant, tackle and equipment of any kind does not include any undertaking on the seller part that such is safe and sound, the buyer is held responsible for replacement in case of damage or loss however so incurred.


The property in the goods hall not pass to the buyer until the whole of the purchase price has been received by the company. The company shall retain a lien over the goods until the whole of the purchase money has been received. In case of non payment, bankruptcy or liquidation the company reserves the right  to cancel the order or any part thereof still to be supplied and to retake possession of the goods without any prejudice to any remedy for loss or damage occasioned. On any resale by the buyer any remedies it may have against the sub-buyer shall be assigned to the company and the buyer shall complete any documents or formalities in that connection at the request of the company.


The buyer shall indemnify the company against all damages penalties, cost, claims or liabilities arising from infringment of any letters, patent or patent application Trade mark or registered design resulting from the execution of work be the company to the buyers specification on express or implied instructions received from the buyer.

11. This contract shall be construed according to the law of England and anydisputes arising on it are to be submitted to arbitration in Birmingham according to the usual trade custom.

These Terms & Conditions of sale do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

It should be noted that quoted prices are susceptible to change

If you have any questions or are unsure about anything regarding purchasing from the site then please feel free get in touch with us and we will answer any questions you may have.