The Baby Deltic Project

The Baby Deltic Project

Saturday 27th August 2022 Update

Saturday 27th August 2022 was the 150+2 Celebrations of the Barrow Hill Roundhouse in Staveley, Chesterfield. And on a warm sunny day there were many exhibits, some stationary and some moving, paraded to see. Amongst which were the Baby Deltic Project in pride of place on the Roundhouse turntable all weekend, resplendent in her livery of T&R Williamson Dark grey Undercoat (8115081151), unfortunately it seemed that the team from the BDP did not have time to fettle her in a little new paint which had been supplied. We look forward in anticipation to seeing future work on this interesting engine (see for more information).

Also to be seen in the Deltic Preservation Society depot was D9015 ‘Tulyar’ recently decked out in two tone green. She is awaiting bogie work and fitting then her engines will be reinstalled. It is hoped that she will be fit and ready for main line and heritage work sometime in 2023, which we really look forward to. Paint as always supplied by T&R Williamson. (Main Colour – Br Loco Green, Lower Skirt Chartreuse, Window Surrounds RAL7040 Window Grey, with the usual Indication Paint Orange, White etc. A chat with the painter was had and even a seat in the cab made for an enjoyable day out.

Tuesday 19th July 2022

These pictures are taken from the Baby Deltic Project, showing work on the B end buffer beam, in particular the painting. The first picture is as stripped back, the second is having been painted with T&R Williamson 8150381101 Anti-corrosive Primer, the third is then having been painted with T&R Williamson 8115081161 Dark Grey Undercoat. This project is all about the new rebuild of a Class 23 locomotive sadly long since withdrawn and scrapped. The locomotive was originally a Class 37 and with some clever work (cut & shut and much more) along with an original Napier engine, will eventually grace to the tracks as D5910.